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The Kazakhstan Mint - a republican state enterprise founded by the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear friends!

It gives me great pleasure to acquaint you with the Kazakhstan Mint! As the Mint owes its existence to independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan declared in 1992 it is much younger now than the mints in other countries. But I sincerely believe that significant efforts of our team will provide and guarantee meeting high quality specifications. What makes it possible?

First of all we strive to work for you and to give you more even than you expect. It is not just a high-flown statement. We know that today there isnt any other option of doing our job to meet the customers expectations and market requirements.

Our people are highly experienced specialists and skilled experts. The Mint was built up due to the efforts of people who came from the Ulba Metallurgical Plant - one of the world leaders in nuclear materials production. Today these highly skilled professionals make up a core of our team.

Technologies used at the Mint are based on application of modern hi-tech facilities manufactured in Germany, Switzerland and other European countries. Total technological production cycle from fusion and tolling to stamping and different ways of coating as distinguished from other mints makes possible manufacturing unique products.

Today the Mint meets in full the needs of Kazakhstan in circulating coins, which are highly competitive with the quality of those in Europe and America. The Kazakhstan Mint as well as other leading world mints manufactures prime proof quality collection gold and silver coins and unique one-kilo prime proof quality silver coins 100 millimeters in diameter. Only a few mints out of fifty-eight in the world are able to manufacture such products. The experts at the most prestigious annual jewelry exhibition in Basel (Switzerland) acknowledged high quality of coins manufactured in Kazakhstan and confirmed their compliance with the world quality standards.

Im proud to say that the Presidents Administration entrusted our mint with a task to manufacture state awards of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Orders and medals made by our specialists are exceptional specimens of jewelry.

After commercializing cutlery, memorial medals, badges, breastplates, souvenirs, accessories, silver-containing contacts, brands and stamps production the Mint now works on operational and technological improvements.

The Presidents Administration, the Government, the National Bank, management of ministries, agencies, industrial enterprises and nonproductive organizations highly appreciate our teamwork. High quality of our products was acknowledged at the international exhibitions. The Mint was rewarded with the gold medal in 1999 at Siberia Export-Import Exhibition held in Novosibirsk and the highest award in 2000 at Siberia-Asia: Cooperation Without Boundaries Exhibition held in Barnaul.
We are fully aware that we should not stop halfway. This is the reason why our values are dynamism and tenacity. We keep step with market policy and develop in conformity with it trying to improve operation processes in order to meet the consumers expectations as much as possible. We are striving for complex approach in developing all branches of our activities, costs savings, industrial management and quality improvement in compliance with our marketing outlooks, our personnels knowledge and skills, applied technologies and materials as efficiently as possible.

We hope you will find our products noteworthy and be happy to join our partners and customers.

With best wishes,
Alexandr Tranov,
Director of the Kazakhstan Mint

The Kazakhstan Mint today is a modern enterprise known for its dynamic development and equipped with efficient high-precision facilities manufactured by the leading oversea companies. Due to total technological production cycle from fusion and tolling to stamping and different ways of coating as distinguished from other mints the Kazakhstan Mint meets demand in circulating and memorable coins, state, jubilee, corporative and sport awards and brands for state standard and hallmark control agencies.


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