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Quality and certification

The experts at the most prestigious annual jewelry exhibition in Basel (Switzerland) appreciated high quality of coins manufactured in Kazakhstan
and confirmed their compliance with the world quality standards.


Quality Policy

Of Republican State Enterprise “The Kazakhstan Mint of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan”

Our enterprise determines its strategy as continuous competitive capacity improvement of the organization in current world market conditions and sustained profit earning for further production development in the interests of the Republic of Kazakhstan and improvement the well-being of the staff.

The administration of the enterprise considers customer satisfaction as one of the basic direction of chosen strategy and strives to exceed client’s expectations regarding quality of such products as coins and coin blanks, decorations and medals, official badges and authoritative stigmas.

Quality Policy is realized in the following way:

  • Continuous improvement of effectiveness through operating methodology approach to activity on basis of ISO 9000 standard;
  • Introduction of technologies, equipment and materials those are to ensure the quality level set by customer;
  •  Choice of reliable high quality materials supplier as well as original equipment manufacturer provider and  structural cooperation with them within the bounds of contractual obligations;
  • Maintenance of stable quality level of products owing to discrepancy prevention and elimination of its causes;
  • Organization of raising the level of each employee's skills and competence.

The administration of the enterprise undertakes obligations to:

  • Realize Quality Policy and arrange favorable conditions for the staff in order to activate them to implement the policy.
  • Ensure quality management system corresponds to requirements and continuously improve its effectiveness.


Health care and labor safety policy

Republican state enterprise  “Kazakhstan mint of National bank  of the Republic of Kazakhstan”

Our enterprise specializes in the development and manufacture of coin, coin blanks, decorations and award medals, officials and departmental signs, and verification marks.  Manufacturing cycle includes metalworking and chemical processing.

On the basis of strategy announced in the quality policy, enterprise administration believes that, for enterprise employees, labor safety and health care must be integral part of manufacturing and management processes and must not be considered separately from any kind of subdivision activity.      

Business priorities of health care and labor safety are as follows:

  • ensuring safe labor condition on-site to prevent injuries and ill health of employees;
  • health protection of enterprise employees and representatives of other organizations who are in the territory of the enterprise.

Realization of health care and labor safety policies are carried out as follows:

  • identification and evaluation of threats, finding out risks in time, development and realization of measures to decrease the risks till acceptable level  at the expense of technological process improvement, production modernization,  systematic training and consulting the employees  regarding health care and labor safety;
  • adherence to requirements of regulatory legal acts and regulatory documents in the field of health care and labor safety;
  • effective operation and constant improvement of management system of health care and labor safety in accordance with the standard requirements of OHSAS series 18000;
  • control of effective relations with public, government and supervision bodies, business partners in order to provide them with information regarding health care and labor safety problems;
  • certification of working positions by working conditions, monitoring and evaluation of activity effectiveness;
  •  systematic analysis of  incidents that took place at the other companies in order to exclude or decrease potential negative influence on enterprise employees.

The administration of the enterprise is obliged for realization of announced policy and creating necessary conditions for personnel to participate in its materialization.    


Director   F.S. Tuganabyev

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the Republic of Kazakhstan
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